About Thor Group

Thor Ltd is a shipping company located in Hósvík, a safe natural harbour, close to Tórshavn the capital of the Faroe Islands.

The company's name derived from "Hósvík", which means Thor's creek. Hós is an alternative spelling of Thor (sometimes written as Tor). Thor in Nordic mythology was the god of thunder, a very strong and powerful god who was also the guardian of the gods.

Thor was established 10 August 1994. In the past the company was mainly active in the fishing industry operating gillnetters/longliners. However since 1997 it has been active in supplying support/chase/guard vessels for the off-shore oil industry and cable/pipe-laying operations.

Thor Fisheries

Thor Fisheries was established in 2006 and is a part of Thor Group. Thor Fisheries is a shipping company operating a wide variety fishing vessels. Some built as general trawlers and others built for specific species.

Over the years, Thor Fisheries have been foremost in obtaining fishing licences worldwide, covering both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Today, the company has fishing licences in the Faroe Islands EEZ, NAFO area, NEAFC area and in the SPRFMO area.

Our vision is

To be a leading shipping company operating in the global fishing industry, focusing on sustainable fishery worldwide.

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